mason jars make everything taste better

Photo 3Love this idea.  Super for a gift any time of year.  Would be great to send home with guests at a wedding or other celebratory occasion. They could be decorated with pretty cloth fabric and tied with a ribbon.  Florals, ginghams, or motifs.  You will know what is just right for the event.





Here’s a pretty topper. The fabric is cut in a circle larger than the top and strips are made by tearing the fabric, then gathered and tied with a bow.  How about a pretty calico for Fall.

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Yummy chili and cornbread in a Mason Jar

We found AmberLee on Pinterest, then followed her blog.  And, we’re so glad we did.
Photo 2








First a photo of the finished product just to get you licking your lips. I can’t wait to try this for our family potluck next Sunday.

Here’s what you do. Make your favorite chili recipe and put it into Mason Jars. When it’s time for dinner mix together together a corn bread recipe.  In our family we make it without flour.  Plop some on top of each jar.  Bake until a toothpick in the cornbread comes out clean.  AmberLee suggests butter or honey on top. Sounds like a fine idea.

AmberLee also has a business called Ticket Kitchen.  It’s all chocolate…I’m drooling.

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Apple Pie Moonshine? Yup, In a {Mason} Jar

midnightmoonshineNow available, believe it or not, on grocery store shelves (at least ours!), apple pie moonshine in mason jars. Would it be too much to serve with those apple dumplings featured yesterday?

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Apple Dumplings in a Mason Jar

appledumpling{Photo from Life is a Party}

This is a treat sure to delight. The serving possibilities are endless. A surprise to deliver to neighbors. The perfect treat to accompany a harvest party at your house. When you will you serve them? Get the recipe and directions here.

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Apple Bread in a {Mason} Jar

applebreadWe fell upon this wonderful blog Sunny By Design here she’s sharing a ready-to-make apple bread mix in a jar. This blogger even shares a free printable recipe card and label. The perfect fall gift, don’t you think?


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Apples and Mason Jars Oh My

AppleButterTis the season. No, not that season. Apple season. Quite possibly the best season of all? Be forewarned, we are now going to share lots of apple + mason jar love. Today, apple butter. This recipe from Food In Jars is done in a crockpot. How easy is that?

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Everyone’s Gotta Have a Mason Jar Dishtowel

august 2013 008 Any place is the right place for a mason jar. We just love these linen dishtowels from Madder Root. They are made in Maine, hand painted on organic linen. Recently we had one of those September days when you just want to hang your wash on the clothesline. I snapped this photo of my favorite dishtowel hanging in the sunshine.

You can order these wonderful dishtowels from Madder Root on line at Your purchase helps support organic farmers. 1% of profits to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

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Lemon Sugar Body Scrub {In A Mason Jar}

august 2013 005Recently a neighbor was having a birthday and I was trying to think of something nice and of course I HAD to use a mason jar. Aha! A sugar scrub! I found lots of wonderful recipes online and I had the perfect jar. I used sugar and coconut oil and a few drops of lemon oil. Used my hands to combine it all. Packed some in the jar…made a craft paper label, tied a wooden spatula with a ribbon and I was done. Try some it’s fun….and feels great on your hands when you are done!

I used about a 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 coconut oil. Then added a few drops of lemon essence.

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mason jars and quilts~oh my

I’m sure folks could hear my heart beating from miles away.  I turned the corner at a crafts show and saw this site.


I love Jacks Gourmet products. We tried the low sugar blueberry jam. Yummy. Just like summer. Between the wonderful labels on these jars and the delicious flavors inside you can’t go wrong.
If you would like to try some you should check out his website.
And, oh by the way…his wife made the beautiful quilt.

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Easy Fridge Pickles

Have you ever tried refrigerator pickles? These look delicious – and the recipe looks divine. Fill those jars! Get the directions.


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